The ISPD98 circuit benchmark suite

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The ISPD98 circuit benchmark suite
From 1985-1993, the MCNC regularly introduced and maintained circuit benchmarks for use by the Design Automation community. However, during the last five years, no new circuits have been introduced that can be used for developing fundamental physical design applications, such as partitioning and placement. The largest circuit in the existing set of benchmark suites has over 100,000 modules, but the second largest has just over 25,000 modules, which is small by today’s standards. This paper introduces the ISPD98 benchmark suite which consists of 18 circuits with sizes ranging from 13,000 to 210,000 modules. Experimental results for three existing partitioners are presented so that future researchers in partitioning can more easily evaluate their heuristics.
Charles J. Alpert
Added 05 Aug 2010
Updated 05 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1998
Where ISPD
Authors Charles J. Alpert
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