"Jump and refine" for rapid pointing on mobile phones

11 years 4 months ago
"Jump and refine" for rapid pointing on mobile phones
Standard input devices for mobile phones are directional keys and discrete thumb-joysticks. These devices are dedicated to the discrete GUIs of the phones (eg. scroll lists and small icons arrays). Today, new mobile applications are arising and require adapted interfaces. In particular, the widespread of 3D applications will be favored if users can efficiently point on any part of the screen. In this paper, we propose a new interaction technique called Jump and Refine for selection tasks on mobile phones. This technique is based on two levels of cursor displacement in order to reduce the number of keystrokes. The first level allows fast movements into an underlying grid. The second one can be used for accurate positioning into the selected area. We present a user study which shows that using a first coarse jump level decreases the selection completion times. The study also shows that the technique is widely accepted by the users. Finally, we discuss the optimal grid sizes. Author Keyw...
Martin Hachet, Joachim Pouderoux, Florence Tyndiuk
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where CHI
Authors Martin Hachet, Joachim Pouderoux, Florence Tyndiuk, Pascal Guitton
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