LEGO for Two-Party Secure Computation

12 years 16 days ago
LEGO for Two-Party Secure Computation
The first and still most popular solution for secure two-party computation relies on Yao's garbled circuits. Unfortunately, Yao's construction provide security only against passive adversaries. Several constructions (zero-knowledge compiler, cut-and-choose) are known in order to provide security against active adversaries, but most of them are not efficient enough to be considered practical. In this paper we propose a new approach called LEGO (Large Efficient Garbled-circuit Optimization) for two-party computation, which allows to construct more efficient protocols secure against active adversaries. The basic idea is the following: Alice constructs and provides Bob a set of garbled NAND gates. A fraction of them is checked by Alice giving Bob the randomness used to construct them. When the check goes through, with overwhelming probability there are very few bad gates among the non-checked gates. These gates Bob permutes and connects to a Yao circuit, according to a fault-tole...
Jesper Buus Nielsen, Claudio Orlandi
Added 25 Nov 2009
Updated 25 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where TCC
Authors Jesper Buus Nielsen, Claudio Orlandi
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