Mentoring The Student In An Affective Way

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Mentoring The Student In An Affective Way
This paper describes the Mentor Component, which is part of an Affective Educational Module for distance learning. The main purpose of the Affective Module is to motivate the student positively in order to accomplish his learning goals appropriately. The Mentor Component contributes to this purpose modeling effectively the teaching process. To achieve this, the Mentor Component takes under consideration the emotional state of the student, which was recognized in a former stage and thereafter it decides the suitable learning strategy. This kind of strategy takes into account both the cognitive abilities and the affective preferences of the student. This information is stored in the student's model and is used by the educational system with the aim to adapt itself to the student's needs. KEYWORDS e-Learning, Affective Computing in Education, Pedagogical Issues.
Makis Leontidis, Alexandra Gasparinatou, Maria Gri
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Makis Leontidis, Alexandra Gasparinatou, Maria Grigoriadou
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