Minimal-Change Integrity Maintenance Using Tuple Deletions

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Minimal-Change Integrity Maintenance Using Tuple Deletions
We address the problem of minimal-change integrity maintenance in the context of integrity constraints in relational databases. We assume that integrity-restoration actions are limited to tuple deletions. We focus on two basic computational issues: repair checking (is a database instance a repair of a given database?) and consistent query answers [3] (is a tuple an answer to a given query in every repair of a given database?). We study the computational complexity of both problems, delineating the boundary between the tractable and the intractable cases. We consider denial constraints, general functional and inclusion dependencies, as well as key and foreign key constraints. Our results shed light on the computational feasibility of minimal-change integrity maintenance. The tractable cases should lead to practical implementations. The intractability results highlight the inherent limitations of any integrity enforcement mechanism, e.g., triggers or referential constraint actions, as a...
Jan Chomicki, Jerzy Marcinkowski
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Updated 18 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Where CORR
Authors Jan Chomicki, Jerzy Marcinkowski
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