Model-Driven Adaptation for Plastic User Interfaces

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Model-Driven Adaptation for Plastic User Interfaces
User Interface (UI) plasticity denotes UI adaptation to the context of use (user, platform, physical and social environments) while preserving usability. In this article, we focus on the use of Model-Driven Engineering and demonstrate how the intrinsic flexibility of this approach can be exploited by designers for UI prototyping as well as by end-users in real settings. For doing so, the models developed at design-time, which convey high-level design decisions, are still available at run-time. As a result, an interactive system is not li+mited to a set of linked pieces of code, but is a graph of models that evolves, expresses and maintains multiple perspectives on the system from top-level tasks to the final UI. A simplified version of a Home Heating Control System is used to illustrate our approach and technical implementation.
Jean-Sebastien Sottet, Vincent Ganneau, Gaëll
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Jean-Sebastien Sottet, Vincent Ganneau, Gaëlle Calvary, Joëlle Coutaz, Alexandre Demeure, Jean-Marie Favre, Rachel Demumieux
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