Modeling by Form Transformation for End-User Initiative Development

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Modeling by Form Transformation for End-User Initiative Development
2. Previous studies on end-user computing The development of Web applications should be supported by business professionals themselves since Web applications must be modified frequently based on their needs. This paper describes end-user initiative ion development. The abstract forms are considered as interfaces of services based on the simple concept that “one service = one form.” Web service integration can be defined as form transformation from input forms into output forms. The term of end-user computing (EUC) often came out in 80’s. A paper summarizes trends of end-user development without an IT professional’s assistance[6]. In the programming field, the technologies for programming by example (PBE)[3] were studied. The PBE implies that some operations are automated based on a user’s intention inferred from examples of operations. In the database field, the example based database query languages[5] such as QBE (Query-ByExample) were studied. QBE implies that a DB query i...
Takeshi Chusho, Noriyuki Yagi
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Takeshi Chusho, Noriyuki Yagi
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