Monolingual and Bilingual Experiments in GeoCLEF2006

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Monolingual and Bilingual Experiments in GeoCLEF2006
This paper presents the results of our initial experiments in the monolingual English, Spanish and Portuguese tasks and the Bilingual Spanish English, Spanish Portuguese, English Spanish and Portuguese Spanish tasks. Twenty runs were submitted as official runs, thirteen for the monolingual task and seven for the bilingual task. We used the Terrier Information Retrieval Platform to run experiments for both tasks using the Inverse Document Frequency model with Laplace after-effect and normalization 2. Experiments included topics processed automatically as well as topics processed manually. Manual processing of topics was carried out using gazetteers (Alexandria Digital Library, European Parliament and GEOnet Names Server), some of them containing translations in languages other than English, others containing the latitude, longitude and area which allow for semi-automated spatial analysis (proximity analysis). For the bilingual task we developed a component based on the transfer app...
Rocio Guillén
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where CLEF
Authors Rocio Guillén
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