Mosaic-based 3D scene representation and rendering

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Mosaic-based 3D scene representation and rendering
- In this paper we address the problem of fusing images from many video cameras or a moving video camera. The captured images have obvious motion parallax, but they will be aligned and integrated into a few mosaics with a large field-ofview (FOV) that preserve 3D information. We have developed a geometric representation that can re-organize the original perspective images into a set of parallel projections with different oblique viewing angles. In addition to providing a wide field of view, mosaics with various oblique views well represent occlusion regions that cannot be seen in a usual nadir view. Stereo pair(s) can be formed from a pair of mosaics with different oblique viewing angles and thus image-based 3D viewing can be achieved. This representation can be used as both an advanced video interface and a pre-processing step for 3D reconstruction. Keywords ? stereo mosaics; image-based rendering; visual representation;
Zhigang Zhu, Allen R. Hanson
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Updated 23 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where ICIP
Authors Zhigang Zhu, Allen R. Hanson
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