Motion Dynamics of a Rover with Slip-Based Traction Model

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Motion Dynamics of a Rover with Slip-Based Traction Model
This paper investigates kinetic behavior of a planetary rover with attention to tire-soil traction mechanics and articulated body dynamics, and thereby study the control when the rover travels over natural rough terrain. Experiments are carried out with a rover test bed to observe the physical phenomena of soils and to model the traction mechanics, using the tire slip ratio as a state variable. The relationship of load-traction factor versus the slip ratio is modeled theoretically then verified by experiments, as well as specific parameters to characterize the soil are identified. A dynamic simulation model is developed considering the characteristics of wheel actuators, the mechanics of tire-soil traction, and the articulated body dynamics of a suspension mechanism. Simulations are carried out to be compared with the corresponding experimental data and verified to represent the physical behavior of a rover. 1 Intorduction The effectiveness of a surface locomotion rover in planet...
Kazuya Yoshida, Hiroshida Hamano
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Type Conference
Year 2002
Where ICRA
Authors Kazuya Yoshida, Hiroshida Hamano
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