Multi-agent Patient Representation in Primary Care

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Multi-agent Patient Representation in Primary Care
Though multi-agent systems have been explored in a wide variety of medical settings, their role at the primary care level has been relatively little investigated. In this paper, we present a system that is currently being piloted for future rollout in Scotland that employs an industrial strength multi-agent platform to tackle both technical and sociological challenges within primary care. In particular, the work is motivated by several specific issues: (i) the need to widen mechanisms for access to primary care; (ii) the need to harness technical solutions to reduce load not only for general practitioners, but also for practice nurses and administrators; (iii) the need to design and deploy technical solutions in such a way that they fit in to existing professional activity, rather than demanding changes in current practice. With direct representation of individuals in health care relationships implemented in a multi-agent system (with one multi-functional agents representing each patie...
Chris Reed, Brian Boswell, Ron Neville
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where AIME
Authors Chris Reed, Brian Boswell, Ron Neville
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