Multi-Homing Tunnel Broker

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Multi-Homing Tunnel Broker
A proper support for communications has to provide fault tolerance capabilities such as the preservation of established connections in case of failures. Multi-homing addresses this issue, but the currently available solution based in massive BGP route injection presents serious scalability limitations, since it contributes to the exponential growth of the BGP table size. An alternative solution based on the configuration of tunnels between the multihomed site exit routers and the ISP border routers has been proposed for IPv6 in RFC 3178. However, the amount of manual configuration imposed by this solution on the ISP side prevents its wide adoption. In particular, this solution requires at the ISP the manual configuration of a tunnel endpoint per each multihomed client that it serves. In this paper we present a MultiHoming Tunnel Broker (MHTB) that provides automatic creation of the tunnel endpoint at the ISP side.
Marcelo Bagnulo, Juan Fco. Rodríguez-Hervel
Added 20 Aug 2010
Updated 20 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Marcelo Bagnulo, Juan Fco. Rodríguez-Hervella, Alberto García-Martínez, Arturo Azcorra
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