Multi-Scale 3D Scene Flow from Binocular Stereo Sequences

11 years 7 months ago
Multi-Scale 3D Scene Flow from Binocular Stereo Sequences
Scene flow methods estimate the three-dimensional motion field for points in the world, using multi-camera video data. Such methods combine multi-view reconstruction with motion estimation approaches. This paper describes an alternative formulation for dense scene flow estimation that provides convincing results using only two cameras by fusing stereo and optical flow estimation into a single coherent framework. To handle the aperture problems inherent in the estimation task, a multi-scale method along with a novel adaptive smoothing technique is used to gain a regularized solution. This combined approach both preserves discontinuities and prevents over-regularization – two problems commonly associated with basic multi-scale approaches. Internally, the framework generates probability distributions for optical flow and disparity. Taking into account the uncertainty in the intermediate stages allows for more reliable estimation of the 3D scene flow than standard stereo and optic...
Rui Li, Stan Sclaroff
Added 25 Jun 2010
Updated 25 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where WACV
Authors Rui Li, Stan Sclaroff
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