Multicasting and Broadcasting in Large WDM Networks

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Multicasting and Broadcasting in Large WDM Networks
We address the issue of multicasting and broadcasting in wide area WDM networks in which a source broadcasts a message to all members in S V. We formalize it as the optimal multicast tree problem which is de ned as follows. Given a directed network G = V;E with a given source s and a set S of nodes, jVj = n and jEj = m. Associated with every link e 2 E, there is a set e of available wavelengths on it. Assume that every node in S is reachable from s, the problem is to nd a multicast tree rooted at s including all nodes in S such that the cost of the tree is the minimum in terms of the cost of wavelength conversion at nodes and the cost of using wavelengths on links. That is, not only do we need to nd such a tree, but also do we need to assign a speci c wavelength 2 e to each directed tree edge e and to set the switches at every node in the tree. We show the problem is NP-complete, and hence it is unlikely that there is a polynomial algorithm for it. We further prove that there is no p...
Weifa Liang, Hong Shen
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Type Conference
Year 1998
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Authors Weifa Liang, Hong Shen
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