On Multiple Slice Turbo Codes

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On Multiple Slice Turbo Codes
: The main problem concerning the hardware implementation of turbo codes is the lack of parallelism in the MAP-based decoding algorithm. This paper proposes to overcome this problem with a new family of turbo codes, named Slice Turbo Codes. This family is based on two ideas: the encoding of each dimension with P independent tail-biting codes and a constrained interleaver structure that allows parallel decoding of the P independent codewords in each dimension. The optimization of the interleaver is described. A high degree of parallelism is obtained with equivalent or better performance than the best known turbo codes. The parallel architecture allows reduced complexity turbo decoder for very high throughput applications.
David Gnaedig, Emmanuel Boutillon, Michel Jé
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Type Journal
Year 2005
Where ADT
Authors David Gnaedig, Emmanuel Boutillon, Michel Jézéquel, Vincent C. Gaudet, P. Glenn Gulak
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