Multiscale models of bacterial populations

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Multiscale models of bacterial populations
We present a hybrid model of the interactions within (multiple-species) populations of bacteria in a developing biofilm which integrates continuum models of population processes (e.g., diffusion of substrates and signalling molecules) with individual-based models of cellular processes (notably growth, division, displacement, and upregulation). The cell level models combine both aggregated models of continuous processes (growth, division and displacement) for small collections of cells and individual-cell level models of quorum sensing molecule (QSM) sensing, production and up-regulation which encompass both stochastic and discrete processes. The use of both aggregated and individual models of cellular processes allows the resolution of the model to be tailored for a particular modelling problem, while at the same time remaining computationally tractable.
Michael Lees, Brian Logan, John King
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where WSC
Authors Michael Lees, Brian Logan, John King
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