A New Logical framework for Deductive Planning

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A New Logical framework for Deductive Planning
objects, like elements of (abstract) data types in ordinary programming languages In the theory of abstract data types most often one only considers algebraic structures where all elements are (freely) generated by so-called constructors. In our case, restricting ourselves to finite relations, an appropriate set of Constructors" and "selectors" can easily be devised as well Starting with the empty relation all finite n-ary relations can be generated by successive applications of an add- operation that adds an n-tuple to a given relation As is the case with freely generated data types, we have to supply a corresponding delete-operation in order to compute with this data type It seems reasonable to take these two operations as the basis of a planning language designed to compute changes of relational structures. In our approach relations between unstructured objects correspond to data objects and are therefore considered to be finite. This seems to be a realistic assumptio...
Werner Stephan, Susanne Biundo
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Type Conference
Year 1993
Authors Werner Stephan, Susanne Biundo
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