A Non-Blocking Single-Phase Commit Protocol for Rigorous Participants

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A Non-Blocking Single-Phase Commit Protocol for Rigorous Participants
Transactional standards have been promoted by OMG and X/Open to allow heterogeneous resources to participate in an Atomic Commitment Protocol (ACP), namely the two-phase commit protocol (2PC). Although widely accepted, 2PC is a blocking protocol and it introduces a substantial time delay (two phases to commit). Several optimized protocols and non-blocking protocols have been proposed. Optimized protocols generally violate site autonomy while non-blocking protocols are inherently more costly in time and increase communication overhead. This paper proposes a new ACP that provides the nonblocking property while (1) having a lower latency than other ACPs (one phase to commit), and (2) preserving site autonomy, which makes it compatible with existing DBMSs. This protocol relies on the assumption that all participants are ruled by a rigorous concurrency control protocol. Performance analysis shows that our protocol is more efficient in terms of time delay and message complexity than other bl...
Maha Abdallah, Philippe Pucheral
Added 01 Nov 2010
Updated 01 Nov 2010
Type Conference
Year 1997
Where BDA
Authors Maha Abdallah, Philippe Pucheral
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