Optimizing irregular shared-memory applications for distributed-memory systems

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Optimizing irregular shared-memory applications for distributed-memory systems
In prior work, we have proposed techniques to extend the ease of shared-memory parallel programming to distributed-memory platforms by automatic translation of OpenMP programs to MPI. In the case of irregular applications, the performance of this translation scheme is limited by the fact that accesses to shared-data cannot be accurately resolved at compile-time. Additionally, irregular applications with high communication to computation ratios pose challenges even for direct implementation on message passing systems. In this paper, we present combined compile-time/run-time techniques for optimizing irregular shared-memory applications on message passing systems in the context of automatic translation from OpenMP to MPI. Our transformations enable computationcommunication overlap by restructuring irregular parallel loops. The compiler creates inspectors to analyze actual data access patterns for irregular accesses at runtime. This analysis is combined with the compile-time analysis of ...
Ayon Basumallik, Rudolf Eigenmann
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Ayon Basumallik, Rudolf Eigenmann
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