Optimizing Maintenance of Constraint-Based Database Caches

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Optimizing Maintenance of Constraint-Based Database Caches
Abstract. Caching data reduces user-perceived latency and often enhances availability in case of server crashes or network failures. DB caching aims at local processing of declarative queries in a DBMS-managed cache close to the application. Query evaluation must produce the same results as if done at the remote database backend, which implies that all data records needed to process such a query must be present and controlled by the cache, i. e., to achieve “predicate-specific” loading and unloading of such record sets. Hence, cache maintenance must be based on cache constraints such that “predicate completeness” of the caching units currently present can be guaranteed at any point in time. We explore how cache groups can be maintained to provide the data currently needed. Moreover, we design and optimize loading and unloading algorithms for sets of records keeping the caching units complete, before we empirically identify the costs involved in cache maintenance. 1 Motivation ...
Joachim Klein 0002, Susanne Braun
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Joachim Klein 0002, Susanne Braun
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