Parallel Advancing Front Grid Generation

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Parallel Advancing Front Grid Generation
The primary focus of this project is to design and implement a parallel framework for an unstructured mesh generator based on the advancing front method (AFM). In particular, we target large-scale Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations of complex problems. There are two popular approaches in the literature for parallel mesh generation: (1) those that target shared memory [1] and (2) techniques that employ distributed memory architectures [2, 3]. In the present work, we focus on the distributed memory architecture because of scalability in terms of the problem size. For a complete survey of parallel mesh generation methods, the reader is referred to [4]. The objective of the current work is to modify and implement the parallel framework presented in [2] in conjunction with the unstructured grid generator VGRID [5]. The main contribution is implementation of new techniques to alleviate the known problems of previous works [4]. In particular, we investigate two approaches: (1) im...
Rainald Löhner, Juan R. Cebral
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where IMR
Authors Rainald Löhner, Juan R. Cebral
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