Parameterization and parametric design of mannequins

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Parameterization and parametric design of mannequins
This paper presents a novel feature based parameterization approach of human bodies from the unorganized cloud points and the parametric design method for generating new models based on the parameterization. The parameterization consists of two phases. Firstly, the semantic feature extraction technique is applied to construct the feature wireframe of a human body from laser scanned 3D unorganized points. Secondly, the symmetric detail mesh surface of the human body is modeled. Gregory patches are utilized to generate G1 continuous mesh surface interpolating the curves on feature wireframe. After that, a voxel-based algorithm adds details on the smooth G1 continuous surface by the cloud points. Finally, the mesh surface is adjusted to become symmetric. Compared to other template fitting based approaches, the parameterization approach introduced in this paper is more efficient. The parametric design approach synthesizes parameterized sample models to a new human body according to user i...
Charlie C. L. Wang
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Year 2005
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Authors Charlie C. L. Wang
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