Parametric, Secure and Compact Implementation of RSA on FPGA

12 years 4 months ago
Parametric, Secure and Compact Implementation of RSA on FPGA
1 We present a fast, efficient, and parameterized modular multiplier and a secure exponentiation circuit especially intended for FPGAs on the low end of the price range. The design utilizes dedicated block multipliers as the main functional unit and Block-RAM as storage unit for the operands. The adopted design methodology allows adjusting the number of multipliers, the radix used in the multipliers, and number of words to meet the system requirements such as available resources, precision and timing constraints. The architecture, based on the Montgomery modular multiplication algorithm, utilizes a pipelining technique that allows concurrent operation of hardwired multipliers. Our design completes 1020-bit and 2040-bit modular multiplications in 7.62 µs and 27.0 µs, respectively. The multiplier uses a moderate amount of system resources while achieving the best area-time product in literature. 2040-bit modular exponentiation engine can easily fit into Xilinx Spartan-3E 500; moreover...
Ersin Oksuzoglu, Erkay Savas
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Ersin Oksuzoglu, Erkay Savas
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