Partiality I: Embedding relation algebras

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Partiality I: Embedding relation algebras
As long as no cooperation between processes is supposed to take place, one may consider them separately and need not ask for the progress of the respective other processes. If a composite result of processes is to be delivered, it is important in which way the result is built, only by non-strict/continuous "accumulation" (i.e., open for partial evaluation) or with additional intermittent strict/non-continuous "transactions". A B We define the concept of partiality to cope with partial availability. To this end relations are handled under the aspect that orderings are defined in addition to the identities in every relation algebra. Only continuous functions with respect to these orderings are considered to regulate transfer of partialities. The partialities are afterwards recognized as the image of a multiplicative embedding of the relations on the atomic constituents into a bigger relation algebra. The latter will then give room for the necessary external arbiter w...
Gunther Schmidt
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