Pattern Matching in a Linguistically-Motivated Text Understanding System

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Pattern Matching in a Linguistically-Motivated Text Understanding System
An ongoing debate in text understanding efforts centers on the use of pattern-matching techniques, which some have characterized as "designed to ignore as much text as possible," versus approaches which primarily employ rules that are domain-independent and linguisticaUy-motivated. For instance, in the message-processing community, there has been a noticeable pulling back from largecoverage grammars to the point where, in some systems, traditional models of syntax and semantics have been completely replaced by domain-specific finite-state approximations. In this paper we report on a hybrid approach which uses such domain-specific patterns as a supplement to domain-independent grammar rules, domain-independent semantic rules, and automatically hypothesized domain-specific semantic rules. The surprising result, as measured on TIPSTER test data, is that domain-specific pattern matching improved performance, but only slightly, over more general linguistically-motivatedtechniques...
Damaris M. Ayuso
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Year 1994
Authors Damaris M. Ayuso
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