PhotoPhone entertainment

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PhotoPhone entertainment
We demonstrate two complementary interaction techniques for electronic large displays that are designed for cameraequipped mobile phones. The first one enables the direct selection of objects on the display by pointing at them. The second uses a visual movement detection algorithm for incrementally dragging objects across the screen. The use of camera phones for large display interaction is particularly beneficial in public environments, such as subway stations or shopping malls. Direct touch-based interaction is less desirable or infeasible in these environments, requiring alternative input mechanisms. To illustrate the interaction techniques, the demonstration features a collaborative jigsaw puzzle game that can be tried by conference attendees. Puzzle pieces can be simultaneously manipulated by multiple persons using individual mobile phones.
Johan Thoresson
Added 01 Dec 2009
Updated 01 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where CHI
Authors Johan Thoresson
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