2008 robust phylogenetic analysis for the non-specialist

9 years 3 months ago robust phylogenetic analysis for the non-specialist
Phylogenetic analyses are central to many research areas in biology and typically involve the identification of homologous sequences, their multiple alignment, the phylogenetic reconstruction and the graphical representation of the inferred tree. The platform transparently chains programs to automatically perform these tasks. It is primarily designed for biologists with no experience in phylogeny, but can also meet the needs of specialists; the first ones will find up-to-date tools chained in a phylogeny pipeline to analyze their data in a simple and robust way, while the specialists will be able to easily build and run sophisticated analyses. offers three main modes. The `One Click' mode targets non-specialists and provides a ready-to-use pipeline chaining programs with recognized accuracy and speed: MUSCLE for multiple alignment, PhyML for tree building, and TreeDyn for tree rendering. All parameters are set up to suit most studies, and users only have...
Alexis Dereeper, V. Guignon, G. Blanc, Stép
Added 14 Dec 2010
Updated 14 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2008
Where NAR
Authors Alexis Dereeper, V. Guignon, G. Blanc, Stéphane Audic, S. Buffet, François Chevenet, Jean-François Dufayard, S. Guindon, V. Lefort, M. Lescot, Jean-Michel Claverie, Olivier Gascuel
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