PIC: Protein Interactions Calculator

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PIC: Protein Interactions Calculator
Interactions within a protein structure and interactions between proteins in an assembly are essential considerations in understanding molecular basis of stability and functions of proteins and their complexes. There are several weak and strong interactions that render stability to a protein structure or an assembly. Protein Interactions Calculator (PIC) is a server which, given the coordinate set of 3D structure of a protein or an assembly, computes various interactions such as disulphide bonds, interactions between hydrophobic residues, ionic interactions, hydrogen bonds, aromatic– aromatic interactions, aromatic–sulphur interactions and cation–n interactions within a protein or between proteins in a complex. Interactions are calculated on the basis of standard, published criteria. The identified interactions between residues can be visualized using a RasMol and Jmol interface. The advantage with PIC server is the easy availability of inter-residue interaction calculations in ...
K. G. Tina, R. Bhadra, N. Srinivasan
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Updated 27 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2007
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Authors K. G. Tina, R. Bhadra, N. Srinivasan
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