Platform-independent methodology for partial reconfiguration

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Platform-independent methodology for partial reconfiguration
In this paper we present a novel methodology for partial (re-)configuration that can be used for most bitstream configured hardware (HW). In particular low priced and not for partial reconfiguration designed devices can be used by our technique. Furthermore, the methodology is platform independent and requires neither specialized HW synthesis tools nor a documented bitstream. We manage configuration data by extracting and compressing (sub-)module data from complete bitstreams. Experiments demonstrated that this extracted bitstreams could be compressed down by orders of the primary bitstream size for some submodules. Categories and Subject Descriptors C.m [Computer Systems Organization]: Miscellaneous; B.6.m [Hardware]: Logic Design--Miscellaneous General Terms Algorithms, Management Keywords Partial Reconfiguration, Bitstream Extraction, Configuration Compression
Dirk Koch, Jürgen Teich
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where CF
Authors Dirk Koch, Jürgen Teich
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