A portable system for anywhere interactions

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A portable system for anywhere interactions
Interactions have taken off from the confinement of a single screen into various personal devices. Projected an interface onto different parts of a physical environment is an escape beyond traditional display devices. Imagine that any walls or floors can turn into a direct manipulation space without a lot of effort. This demonstration of ED-lite, a combination of a laptop, custom software, off-the-shelf digital camera and projector, shows projected interfaces with interactions on any surfaces including those not necessarily perpendicular to the projector. ED-lite is a derivation of our previous work on Everywhere Displays (ED) and steerable interfaces. This portable version has an automatic calibration feature that makes applications usable on any surfaces in a drop. More importantly, it is now possible to be taken on the road for demonstrations. ACM Classification Keywords
Noi Sukaviriya, Rick Kjeldsen, Claudio S. Pinhanez
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where CHI
Authors Noi Sukaviriya, Rick Kjeldsen, Claudio S. Pinhanez, Lijun Tang, Anthony Levas, Gopal Pingali, Mark Podlaseck
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