A poset framework to model decentralized control problems

9 years 3 months ago
A poset framework to model decentralized control problems
— In this paper we use partially ordered sets (posets) to study decentralized control problems arising in different settings. We show that time delayed systems with certain delay structure enables one to endow the problem with poset structure thereby allowing convex reparametrization of the problem. We show how to extend these results to spatially invariant systems. We also study the connection between posets and quadratic invariance and show that in some settings they are equivalent. I. I Traditional control theory deals with the problem of synthesizing centralized controllers, i.e. controllers that assume that all output measurements are available for processing. Many modern control problems however, are large-scale, complex, and decentralized. For such problems, implementing centralized controllers is not feasible, and the study of decentralized decision-making becomes important. Examples of such large-scale systems include flocks of aerial vehic...
Parikshit Shah, Pablo A. Parrilo
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where CDC
Authors Parikshit Shah, Pablo A. Parrilo
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