Power-Aware Speedup

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Power-Aware Speedup
Power-aware processors operate in various power modes to reduce energy consumption with a corresponding decrease in peak processor throughput. Recent work has shown power-aware clusters can conserve significant energy (>30%) with minimal performance loss (<1%) running parallel scientific workloads. Nonetheless, such savings are typically achieved using a priori knowledge of application performance. Accurate prediction of parallel power consumption and performance is an open problem. However, such techniques would improve our understanding of power-aware cluster tradeoffs and enable identification of “sweet spots” in system configurations optimized for performance and power. Speedup models are powerful analytical tools for evaluating and predicting the performance of parallel applications. Unfortunately, existing speedup models do not quantify parallel overhead for simplicity leaving them incapable of accurately accounting for performance and power. We propose power-aware spe...
Rong Ge, Kirk W. Cameron
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Updated 03 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Where IPPS
Authors Rong Ge, Kirk W. Cameron
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