Power Efficient IP Lookup with Supernode Caching

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Power Efficient IP Lookup with Supernode Caching
— In this paper, we propose a novel supernode caching scheme to reduce IP lookup latencies and energy consumption in network processors. In stead of using an expensive TCAM based scheme, we implement a set associative SRAM based cache. We organize the IP routing table as a supernode tree (a tree bitmap structure) [5]. We add a small supernode cache in-between the processor and the low level memory containing the IP routing table in a tree structure. The supernode cache stores recently visited supernodes of the longest matched prefixes in the IP routing tree. A supernode hitting in the cache reduces the number of accesses to the low level memory, leading to a fast IP lookup. According to our simulations, up to 72% memory accesses can be avoided by a 128KB supernode cache for the selected three trace files. Average supernode cache miss ratio is as low as 4%. Compared to a TCAM with the same size, 77% of energy consumption can be reduced. Keywords-Network processor; Tree bitmap; IP look...
Lu Peng, Wencheng Lu, Lide Duan
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Updated 02 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Lu Peng, Wencheng Lu, Lide Duan
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