Power-Efficient Spilling Techniques for Chip Multiprocessors

10 years 6 months ago
Power-Efficient Spilling Techniques for Chip Multiprocessors
Abstract. Current trends in CMPs indicate that the core count will increase in the near future. One of the main performance limiters of these forthcoming microarchitectures is the latency and high-demand of the on-chip network and the off-chip memory communication. To optimize the usage of on-chip memory space and reduce off-chip traffic several techniques have proposed to use the N-chance forwarding mechanism, a solution for distributing unused cache space in chip multiprocessors. This technique, however, can lead in some cases to extra unnecessary network traffic or inefficient cache allocation. This paper presents two alternative power-efficient spilling methods to improve the efficiency of the N-chance forwarding mechanism. Compared to traditional Spilling, our Distance-Aware Spilling technique provides an energy efficiency improvement (MIPS3 /W) of 16% on average, and a reduction of the network usage of 14% in a ring configuration while increasing performance 6%. Our Selective Spi...
Enric Herrero, José González, Ramon
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Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Enric Herrero, José González, Ramon Canal
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