Principles for Knowledge Engineering on the Web

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Principles for Knowledge Engineering on the Web
With the advent of the Web and the efforts towards a Semantic Web the nature of knowledge engineering has changed drastically. In this position paper we propose four principles for knowledge engineering on a Web scale. We illustrate these principles with examples from our research in developing a Semantic Web application targeted at cross-collection search in virtual cultural-heritage collections. Changes in the nature of knowledge engineering In the eighties the typical knowledge-engineering task was to model and formalize knowledge in one particular application domain. Knowledge engineering was carried out in the context of the construction of knowledge systems that were targeted at problem-solving tasks such as diagnosis, assessment and planning. Knowledge engineering was performed in a relatively small, closed area. In the nineties we saw the advent of ontologies as a vehicle for integration of knowledge bases built for different applications. The term "distributed" is u...
Guus Schreiber
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Type Conference
Year 2008
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Authors Guus Schreiber
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