Privacy in Data Mining Using Formal Methods

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Privacy in Data Mining Using Formal Methods
There is growing public concern about personal data collected by both private and public sectors. People have very little control over what kinds of data are stored and how such data is used. Moreover, the ability to infer new knowledge from existing data is increasing rapidly with advances in database and data mining technologies. We describe a solution which allows people to take control by specifying constraints on the ways in which their data can be used. User constraints are represented in formal logic, and organizations that want to use this data provide formal proofs that the software they use to process data meets these constraints. Checking the proof by an independent verifier demonstrates that user constraints are (or are not) respected by this software. Our notion of “privacy correctness” differs from general software correctness in two ways. First, properties of interest are simpler and thus their proofs should be easier to automate. Second, this kind of correctness is...
Stan Matwin, Amy P. Felty, István T. Hern&a
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where TLCA
Authors Stan Matwin, Amy P. Felty, István T. Hernádvölgyi, Venanzio Capretta
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