Providing VCR Functionality in Staggered Video Broadcasting

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Providing VCR Functionality in Staggered Video Broadcasting
A true video-on-demand(TVOD) system lets users view any video program, at any time, and perform any VCR functions, but its peruser video delivery cost is too expensive. A near video-on-demand(NVOD) is a more scalable approach by batching multiple clients to a shared stream or broadcasting videos. Staggered video broadcasting, one of NVOD techniques, broadcasts multiple streams of the same video at staggered times, with one stream serving multiple clients. In order to provide subscribers with a high-quality VOD service, it is desirable to add VCR functionality such as fast forward and fast backward, but it is not easy to provide VCR functionality in NVOD, especially video broadcasting system where any dedicated or interaction channel is not available. In this paper, we analyze the conditions necessary to provide VCR functions and then propose a reception schedule which satisfies these conditions, with minimal resource requirements. Since our proposed scheme receives video frames as a u...
Jin B. Kwon, Heon Young Yeom
Added 30 Jul 2010
Updated 30 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Jin B. Kwon, Heon Young Yeom
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