QoS, Properties and Views to Achieve Dynamic Adaptivity

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QoS, Properties and Views to Achieve Dynamic Adaptivity
— This paper presents our work in the context of the Adaptive Resource Management (ARM) internal research project at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy. The project addresses those information systems that aim to adapt themselves dynamically and automatically in order to satisfy user requests with different levels of quality by managing properly their available resources. Keywords- QoS; Adaptivity; Service Architecture; Views; Properties. I. REPRESENTATION OF REFLECTIVE KNOWLEDGE To achieve adaptivity we exploit reflection at the architectural level [3, 4]. Within ARM, reflective knowledge is expressed in terms of Quality of Services (QoS) [9]. In addition, we have introduced the concept of property of a resource. Properties express the characteristics of the resources that are not directly measurable at runtime (the measurable information represent the state of a resource). Currently, ARM defines three main properties (see Figure 1): • the structural property, which represent...
Stefano Mussino, Mario Riva
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Stefano Mussino, Mario Riva
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