Quantum Oblivious Mutual Identification

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Quantum Oblivious Mutual Identification
We coiisider a situation where two parties, Alice and Bob, share a common secret string arid would like to mutually check their knowledge of that string. We describe a simple and efficient protocol based on the exchange of quantum information to check mutual knowledge of a common string in such a way that honest parties will always succeed in convincing each other, while a dishonest party interacting with an honest party will have vanishingly small probability of convincing him. Moieover, a dishonest party gains only d very small amount, of information about t,he secret string from running the protocol: whoever enters the protocol with no knowledge of the secret string would have to enter this protocol an exponential number of times in order to gain non-negligible information about the string. Our scheme offers an efficient identification technique with a security that depends on no computational assumption, only on the correctness of quantum mechanics. We believe such a system should ...
Claude Crépeau, Louis Salvail
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Type Conference
Year 1995
Authors Claude Crépeau, Louis Salvail
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