RAG: RNA-As-Graphs web resource

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RAG: RNA-As-Graphs web resource
Background: The proliferation of structural and functional studies of RNA has revealed an increasing range of RNA's structural repertoire. Toward the objective of systematic cataloguing of RNA's structural repertoire, we have recently described the basis of a graphical approach for organizing RNA secondary structures, including existing and hypothetical motifs. Description: We now present an RNA motif database based on graph theory, termed RAG for RNA-As-Graphs, to catalogue and rank all theoretically possible, including existing, candidate and hypothetical, RNA secondary motifs. The candidate motifs are predicted using a clustering algorithm that classifies RNA graphs into RNA-like and non-RNA groups. All RNA motifs are filed according to their graph vertex number (RNA length) and ranked by topological complexity. Conclusions: RAG's quantitative cataloguing allows facile retrieval of all classes of RNA secondary motifs, assists identification of structural and function...
Daniela Fera, Namhee Kim, Nahum Shiffeldrim, Julie
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Type Journal
Year 2004
Authors Daniela Fera, Namhee Kim, Nahum Shiffeldrim, Julie Zorn, Uri Laserson, Hin Hark Gan, Tamar Schlick
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