Range-Sensor Based Navigation in Three Dimensions

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Range-Sensor Based Navigation in Three Dimensions
This paper presents a new globally convergent rangesensor based navigation algorithm in three-dimensions, called 3DBug. The 3DBug algorithm navigates a point robot in a three-dimensional unknown environment using position and range sensors. The algorithm strives to process the sensory data in the most reactive way possible, without sacrificing the global convergence guarantee. Moreover, unlike previous reactive-like algorithms, 3DBug uses three-dimensional range data and plans three-dimensional motion throughout the navigation process. The algorithm alternates between two modes of motion. During motion towards the target, which is the first motion mode of the algorithm, the robot follows the locally shortest path in a purely reactive fashion. During traversal of an obstacle surface, which is the second mode of motion, the robot incrementally constructs a reduced data structure of an obstacle, while performing local shortcuts based on range data. We present preliminary simulation resul...
Ishay Kamon, Ehud Rivlin, Elon Rimon
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Updated 03 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1999
Where ICRA
Authors Ishay Kamon, Ehud Rivlin, Elon Rimon
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