Real-Time Video Multicast in WiMAX Networks

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Real-Time Video Multicast in WiMAX Networks
Abstract—IEEE 802.16e WiMAX is a promising new technology for broadband access networks. Amongst the class of applications that can be supported is real time video services (such as IPTV, broadcast of live events etc.). These applications are bandwidth hungry and have stringent delay constraints. Thus, scalable support for such applications is a challenging problem. To address this challenge, we consider a combination of approaches using multicast, layer encoded video and adaptive modulation of transmissions. Using these, we develop algorithms to ensure efficient, fair and timely delivery of video in WiMAX networks. The corresponding resource allocation problem is challenging because scheduling decisions (within a WiMAX base station) are performed in real-time across two dimensions, time and frequency. Moreover, combining layered video with appropriate modulation calls for novel MAC algorithms. We model the multicast resource allocation problem in WiMAX and demonstrate this problem ...
Supratim Deb, Sharad Jaiswal, Kanthi Nagaraj
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Supratim Deb, Sharad Jaiswal, Kanthi Nagaraj
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