Reconstructing Metabolic Networks Using Interval Analysis

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Reconstructing Metabolic Networks Using Interval Analysis
Recently, there has been growing interest in the modelling and simulation of biological systems. Such systems are often modelled in terms of coupled ordinary differential equations that involve parameters whose (often unknown) values correspond to certain fundamental properties of the system. For example, in metabolic modelling, concentrations of metabolites can be described by such equations, where parameters correspond to the kinetic rates of the underlying chemical reactions. Within this framework, the increasing availability of time series data opens up the attractive possibility of reconstructing approximate parameter values, thus enabling the in silico exploration of the behaviour of complex dynamical systems. The parameter reconstruction problem, however, is very challenging – a fact that has resulted in a plethora of heuristics methods designed to fit parameters to the given data. In this paper we propose a completely deterministic method for parameter reconstruction that i...
Warwick Tucker, Vincent Moulton
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where WABI
Authors Warwick Tucker, Vincent Moulton
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