Remote Store Programming

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Remote Store Programming
Abstract. This paper presents remote store programming (RSP), a programming paradigm which combines usability and efficiency through the exploitation of a simple hardware mechanism, the remote store, which can easily be added to existing multicores. The RSP model and its hardware implementation trade a relatively high store latency for a low load latency because loads are more common than stores, and it is easier to tolerate store latency than load latency. This paper demonstrates the performance advantages of remote store programming by comparing it to cache-coherent shared memory (CCSM) for several important embedded benchmarks using the TILEPro64 processor. RSP is shown to be faster than CCSM for all eight benchmarks using 64 cores. For five of
Henry Hoffmann, David Wentzlaff, Anant Agarwal
Added 11 Mar 2010
Updated 11 Mar 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where HiPEAC
Authors Henry Hoffmann, David Wentzlaff, Anant Agarwal
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