Requirements engineering: from craft to discipline

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Requirements engineering: from craft to discipline
Getting the right software requirements under the right environment assumptions is a critical precondition for developing the right software. This task is intrinsically difficult. We need to produce a complete, adequate, consistent, and well-structured set of measurable requirements and assumptions from incomplete, imprecise, and sparse material originating from multiple, often conflicting sources. The system we need to consider comprises software and environment components including people and devices. A rich system model may significantly help us in this task. Such model must integrate the intentional, structural, functional, and behavioral facets of the system being conceived. Rigorous techniques are needed for model construction, analysis, exploitation, and evolution. Such techniques should support early and incremental reasoning about partial models for a variety of purposes including satisfaction arguments, property checks, animations, the evaluation of alternative options, the ...
Axel van Lamsweerde
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Year 2008
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