Resistance of Randomized Projective Coordinates Against Power Analysis

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Resistance of Randomized Projective Coordinates Against Power Analysis
Embedded devices implementing cryptographic services are the result of a trade-off between cost, performance and security. Aside from flaws in the protocols and the algorithms used, one of the most serious threats against secret data stored in such devices is Side Channel Analysis. Implementing Public Key Cryptography in low-profile devices such as smart cards is particularly challenging given the computational complexity of the operations involved. In the area of elliptic curve cryptography, some choices of curves and coefficient fields are known to speed up computations, like scalar multiplication. From a theoretical standpoint, the use of optimized structures does not seem to weaken the cryptosystems which use them. Therefore several standardization bodies, such as the NIST, recommend such choices of parameters. However, the study of their impact on practical security of implementations may have been underestimated. In this paper, we present a new chosen-ciphertext Side-Channel ...
William Dupuy, Sébastien Kunz-Jacques
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where CHES
Authors William Dupuy, Sébastien Kunz-Jacques
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