A robust deception-free coalition formation model

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A robust deception-free coalition formation model
We study two properties of coalition formation algorithms, very important for their application in real-life scenarios: robustness and tolerance to some agent misbehaviors. The study is performed for a previously proposed coalition formation model –based upon game theory for a class of task-oriented problems that guarantees an optimum task allocation and a stable (fair) profit division. The results show acceptable behavior and performance. Categories and Subject Descriptors [I.2.11] Distributed Artificial Intelligence: Coherence and coordination; Intelligent agents. General Terms Experimentation, Algorithms. Keywords Multi-Agent Systems, Coalitions, Game Theory, Task-oriented domains.
María-Victoria Belmonte, Ricardo Conejo, Jo
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where SAC
Authors María-Victoria Belmonte, Ricardo Conejo, José-Luis Pérez-de-la-Cruz, Francisco Triguero Ruiz
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