RRT-based strategies for sensor-based exploration

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RRT-based strategies for sensor-based exploration
—Real mobile robots should be able to build an abstract representation of the physical environment, in order to navigate and to work in such environment. We present a method for sensor-based exploration of unknown environments by mobile robots. This method proceeds by building a data structure called SRT (Sensor-based Random Tree). The SRT represents a roadmap of the explored area with an associated safe region, and estimates the free space as perceived by the robot during the exploration. The original work proposed in [8] presents two techniques: SRT-Ball and SRT-Star. In this paper, we propose an alternative strategy called SRT-Radial that deals with non-holonomic constraints using two alternative planners named SRT Extensive and SRT Goal. We present experimental results to show the performance of the SRT-Radial and both derived planners.
Abraham Sánchez López, Judith Le&oac
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Where ENGL
Authors Abraham Sánchez López, Judith León Espinoza, Maria A. Osorio
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