Scalable Message Routing for Mobile Software Assistants

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Scalable Message Routing for Mobile Software Assistants
In this paper we define an algorithm for location-independent communication of mobile software Personal Assistants (PAs). The algorithm extends the Query Server with Caching algorithm that we proposed earlier, with support of message routing in the wide-area networks. Our algorithm is suitable for two kinds of PAs collaboration: (1) within a local group of mobile individuals, who can communicate frequently using different computers connected to a local-area network (possibly via a wireless medium), and (2) some individuals may also communicate via the global network and move to other groups. The algorithm has been specified formally as an executable encoding in Nomadic Pict. The formal specification is concise but gives enough details to be directly translated by application programmers using their language of choice. Key-words: mobile agents, distributed computing, protocols, middleware, P2P 1
Pawel T. Wojciechowski
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where EUC
Authors Pawel T. Wojciechowski
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