Security Requirements for Multimodal Biometric Systems

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Security Requirements for Multimodal Biometric Systems
Biometrics systems are automated systems that recognize a person based on physical or behavioral characteristics. There are a number of primary biometric disciplines including fingerprint, facial recognition, voice recognition, iris scan, and retina scan. A multimodal biometric system refers to a combination of the above physiological and behavioral human characteristics. There are many crucial biometric applications, such as passport control, benefit payments, medical insurance fraud reduction, identification of missing children, home banking, secure access to buildings, securing medical records, restriction to access sensitive equipment, and access control to defense forces, government agencies, and restricted areas of an airport. Any vulnerabilities or security breach in these systems will either be very costly or disastrous. In this paper, we will investigate the security requirements for Multimodal Biometric Systems that will help to prevent compromising them. Keywords Biometrics...
Kevin Daimi, Katherine Snyder
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Year 2006
Authors Kevin Daimi, Katherine Snyder
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